October 5, 2023

Sri Lanka Performs Poorly in Digital Quality of Life Index 2020

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Sri Lanka is ranked at the bottom of the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2020 published by the leading virtual private network service provider,Surfshark.

The country was ranked at 80th spot out of 85 countries with an index score of 0.33, below the global average of 0.56 in 2020.

The Digital Quality of Life Index reveals insights on what tangible factors have the greatest impact on the country’s digital wellbeing, and which areas should be prioritized in improving its potential.

Sri Lanka performed relatively well in terms of Internet Affordability, however, it lagged behind in all other parameters including Internet quality, Electronic Infrastructure, Electronic Security and Electronic

In terms of Internet Quality, the country scored third lowest points out of 88 nations in the index.

The affordability of the internet plays a major role in ensuring accessibility but has a notably lower correlation with the DQL than the other pillars. For instance, the internet is less affordable in some Southern or Eastern European countries, but people there still enjoy a higher than the average digital quality of life. Interestingly, the affordability does not depend neither on the quality of the connectivity nor the level of e-infrastructure development,” Surfshark said.

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