November 29, 2021

Sarath Rangamuwa Promotes to Pan Asia Bank Top Position

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Sarath Bandara Rangamuwa has been promoted to the top spot of Sri Lanka’s Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC with effect from 02nd of May, upon the retirement of the current Chairperson Godewatta Arachchige Rasika Dimuth Prasanna.

“We wish to inform that Mr.Godewatta Arachchige Rasika Dimuth Prasanna – Chairman will be completing his term of nine years as a Director of Pan Asia Banking Corporation PLC on first of May, 2021 in terms of Section No.3(2XiiXA) of the Banking Act Direction No.l l of 2007 –
Corporate Governance and therefore will be retiring from the position of Chairman & Director,” the Bank announced today.

The Board of Directors of Pan Asia Bank, at its meeting held on 29th of this month, decided to appoint Rangamuwa as the Chairperson.

In addition, he is also the Managing Director of Vallibel Finance PLC another Finance entity controlled by Dhammika Perera.

As Rangamuwa moves to the top spot of the Bank from the Deputy Chairperson spot he held since 2018, Mahawaduge Yasalal Aravinda Perera who’s a director of the Bank will be moving to the Deputy Chairperson Spot with effect from 2nd of May.

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