June 13, 2024

SL inflation in March hits 21.5%

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Sri Lanka has recorded a year-on-year inflation of 21.5% in the month of March according to Sri Lanka’s National Consumer Price Index (NCPI).

The reported inflation for march is mainly due to price hikes in essential items. The NCPI further reveals that Year-on-Year Food inflation is 29.5%, while Year-on-Year Non-Food inflation is 14.5%.

Key statistics

  • NCPI in March 2022 increased to 172.7 from 167.8 in February 2022 on a monthly basis.
  • Year on Year inflation increased to 21.5% from 17.5% on a monthly basis.
  • Month on Month change contributed by 1.22% from food and 1.70 % from non-food.
  • Considerable price increases of food items were reported Rice, Coconut oil and Mysore dhal.
  • Considerable price decreases of food items were reported Vegetables, Big onions and Potatoes.
  • Core Inflation increased to 17.3% from 14.1% on monthly basis.
  • The general price level for the month of March 2022 has increased by 72.7% compared to the base year (2013)

Source – News Wire

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