June 13, 2024

Ceylon Chamber’s BCCS Awards Introduce Resilient Practices Award

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The Best Corporate Citizen Sustainability Awards 2022 organised by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce
will this year introduce a new award to recognise corporate initiatives that addressed the twin
challenges of the pandemic and ongoing socio-economic stresses.

The ‘Planning and Adoption of Resilient Practices for Covid-19 and Emerging Country Context’ award will
highlight corporates that effectively identified, assessed and implemented Covid-19 resilient practices,
as well as practices to ensure sustainability and stability in the context of emerging political, economic
and social disruption.

This award builds on and repurposes the 2021 award for corporates that ‘Demonstrated Resilient
Practices for Covid-19 Context’. In this regard, the application and marking scheme for this award will
seek to understand and evaluate the practices embedded in companies’ sustainability strategies relating
to People, Planet and Profit, in terms of the planning and adoption to the COVID -19 and emerging
country contexts.

A preliminary briefing on the application process will be conducted on 4 th August from 2.00 pm onwards via MS Teams. Thereafter, regular updates regarding the Awards process will be posted on the Ceylon Chamber social media platforms.

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