June 13, 2024

Temporarily suspension of the importation of bathware a great injustice to the consumer – The Committee on Public Finance

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The Committee on Public Finance was of the view that Regulations published in the Extra Ordinary gazette Notification 2296/30, Under the Import and Export (Control) Act No. 1 of 1969 should be subjected to further consideration and that consideration should also be given as to whether approval for such would stand as justifiable by the consumer.

This was discussed at the Committee on Public Finance which met on the 1st of November under the chairmanship of (Dr.) Harsha de Silva, Member of Parliament.

This Gazette was published in relation to a temporary suspension on the importation of sanitary fixtures and bath ware items such as Squatting pans and wash basins. Furthermore, the Members of the Committee also took into consideration the monopoly created within the market due to the banning of importation of tiles by the same Gazette. The Committee also considered the fact that in an environment where imports have been suspended, the high rise of prices in bathroom accessories and tiles and the inability to meet the rising demands are causing great injustice to the consumer. Accordingly, the committee recommended the Ministry of Finance to submit a report in this regard.

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