June 13, 2024

Ceylon Chamber Welcomes National Digital Economy Strategy

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The Ceylon Chamber recognizes the Digital Economy as a key enabler for Sri Lanka’s economic growth acceleration. The National Digital Economy Strategy 2030 recently published by the Ministry of Technology provides a roadmap to unlock the benefits of the digital economy. The strategy focuses on the improvement of the digital infrastructure, implementation of the Digital ID, improving cybersecurity legislation, connected digital government, and enhancing digital skills for government and industry. These policy areas have been advocated by the Chamber in the past most notably on the swift implementation
of the Digital ID.

The Chamber was involved in the consultation process for the drafting of the strategy with representation in the High-Level Officers Committee coordinated by the Secretary to the Prime Minister and provided further input and guidance through the Digital Economy Committee of the Chamber. With the strategy document now open for public and stakeholder review, it is an ideal opportunity for further engagement to strengthen the strategy and plan of action.

As with most strategies, the important aspect is the implementation of the policy. The strategy document outlines the institutional framework for implementation and proposed an action plan. It is vital that is implemented with ownership from the government and collaboration with industry stakeholders.

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