May 28, 2024

 Ceylon Chamber hails the passing of the 21st Amendment to the Constitution on a consensual approach

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The Ceylon Chamber of Commerce welcomed the passing of the 21st amendment with
an overwhelming majority in Parliament last week.

While all measures proposed by the Chamber along with other like-minded professional bodies and civil society organizations may not be addressed by this amendment, it nevertheless considers this as a step in the right direction towards strengthening governance and accountability in the conduct of Government.
In particular, the Ceylon Chamber welcomes the re-establishment of the Constitutional Council, Audit Services Commission and the National Procurement Commission while strengthening the independence of all other Commissions to which the appointments will now be made by the Constitutional Council.

The consensual approach adopted by all political parties in passing this agreement that resulted in
179 and 174 MPs respectively belonging to all parties voting in favor at the second and third
reading of the bill augurs well when the country needs its legislators to work together in unison
to implement constitutional as well as economic reforms. It is the fervent wish of the Ceylon
Chamber of Commerce that all parties will approach difficult economic reforms also in a similar
manner and ensure they are implemented on time to ensure a stable and sustainable recovery
from the current economic crisis.

The Chamber intends to issue a more detailed communication on specific aspects of the
amendment when it is in a position to study the contents after it is published upon enactment.

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