June 13, 2024

Sri Lanka plans to build the first nuclear power plant by 2032 with Russian support

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The Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board stated in the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport that if all activities go as planned, the first nuclear power plant can be built in Sri Lanka by 2032 with Russian technical support.

This came to light when the Sectoral Oversight Committee on Energy and Transport met in Parliament recently to discuss the current status and future activities of the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board. The committee was chaired by the Member of Parliament, Nalaka Bandara Kottegoda.

There was a discussion in length in the committee regarding the production of skilled professionals in the field of welding and related technology in Sri Lanka. The members of the committee pointed out that there is a great demand for experts in this field in industrialized countries including Korea and the need for a formal mechanism to produce skilled workers with formal certificates in the said field.

Officials mentioned that the training and certification system for those who already have professional experience in this sector and those who are new entrants in the field is conducted at the training center run by the board. However, since there is no proper awareness among the people about this training, the committee advised to prepare a plan and take steps to make awareness and involve more young people.

It was also discussed that Saudi Arabia hopes to get preserved coconut coir from Sri Lanka for the project of planting 10 billion trees in Saudi Arabia. Chairman of the Committee MP Bandara Kottegoda said that the country can get a large amount of foreign exchange by providing facilities for the said process of sterilization. Accordingly, the Committee advised the Sri Lanka Atomic Energy Board to take steps to prepare the sterilization facility.

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